Timing is Everything


And I am jolted awake

by an alarm-



incessantly coaxing

me out of bed.


And my bus is pulling away from the curb.

My newfound love for

punk rock music

just isn’t fitting the mood.


And class is starting.

But my brain won’t stop

writing poems in my head.

And I can’t focus

on the calculus in front of me.


And I’m sitting in a bathroom stall


for the boy outside to pass.

Because I’ve accidentally memorized his schedule

but I am no longer hoping

for the accidental run-ins


And I’ve once again turned down a hallway

that consists of me and a couple

who are going at it.

And I can’t tell if they know

I’m embarrassed to be alone with them

or if they are pitying me

because I am alone.


And I’m chopping lettuce

and slicing tomatoes.

While the cooks tell me I’m too pretty for a boyfriend.

And I contemplate

hacking off my hand

and serving that instead of the Caesar salad.


And the sorority girls

with their raspy voices

and trust funds

are asking me to replace the noodles

with the veggies.

And so I lie to them and give them regular dressing

instead of lite,

just to spite them.


And I’m lying on my back

staring at the ceiling,

wondering how people can pretend

to have it all figured out?

And what’s the fun it that anyway?

Because once you have it figured out

it’s over.

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