The Big 2-0


In fourth grade, I turned 10 years old. I remember my teacher turning to me and saying, “A decade old, that’s pretty big.” And now here I am, ten years later, another DECADE older.

It’s kinda nuts to think about leaving my teenage years behind me (another flashback to turning 13, finally becoming a teenager and definitely living up the expectation of “teenage angst”, much to my parents dismay). But 20 years old? I mean, come on, that’s a whole different ball game, my friends.

I’ve just begun my sophomore year of college, I have moved back to Wisconsin after a year away at a small private school in Iowa. It was a year full of tears, stress, and quite frankly, it fucking sucked. Let me explain:

Heading into my freshman year of college, I had it all figured out and was going to become an Occupational Therapist and make serious bank and who cares if I had a billion dollars in student debt from an expensive undergraduate degree and then an even more expensive graduate degree?

It was my “dream”.

I put “dream” in quotation marks because it was never really MY dream, it was a pathway that was planned out for me from the start. A pathway that I (and society) concocted that would get me money and AFTER the money then happiness would follow. But then everything changed.

One day, my father caught a glimpse of my silly little drawings I did for fun and said to me, “Megan, why not do something you actually love? Why not go into Graphic Design or Illustration?” and I’m like- hold the phone. You mean, I could go to SCHOOL, and pursue something I actually LIKE? What kind of world was this? Who forgot to tell me about THAT path? Why had I never even CONSIDERED this?

And that’s where I’ve landed so far. I am currently pursuing some kind of career (haha) in illustration and perhaps writing or maybe I’ll design clothes or work for a magazine…  Do you see what I’m trying to say here? I still don’t know shit!


I’m coming to realize that no one really does. And that is OKAY. It’s wonderful actually. It’s an amazing, freeing feeling to have the entire world ahead of you that you could use to your advantage from ANY ANGLE, from ALL THE ANGLES.

So yeah. I turn 20 years old in 2 days.

The big 2-0.

And this is MY year. I can feel it.

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